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Excellence Speaks

Dr. Dinesh sir is really inspiring and helping. He helped mem at every selection step.I felt very confident while appearing in the board exam.

Shivan Krishna
NEET Target+

The classes with Biomes CLasses's teachers helped me learn and retain all the topics better.

Saif Ali Khan
NEET Target+

The fact that I could learn every topic at my own pace was extremely helpful. The teachers at BIOME CLasses supported me every step of the way

Himanshi Panwar
NEET Target+

I’m extremely grateful to BIOME CLasses Teachers for helping me clear my concepts and supporting me every step of the way.

Himani Negi
NEET Target+

Our Master Instructors

MD 22+ Years Experience
Dr. Dinesh Kumar


MSc 18+ Years Experience
Mr. Nipendra Singh


MSc Chemistry BEd 5+ Years Experience
Mr. Satpal Singh Bist


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